" You have been tagged :D "

" You have been tagged :D "

it is a short message from whisper ..
I didn't understand it in the first time ...
but when I read it on her blog ... "La2a6it el fikra " ... hahaha XD

ok ...
3 wishes must be written ...
then , 6 bloggers must be tagged ...
So, I will start this game ..

I have a lot of dreams ... ya rb kol-ha tit7a2a2 ... X)

I wish to change my major "Electrical Engineering" into "Civil Engineering"

I wish to work in the media field ,as a presenter for my own program !!

I wish to cut the unfair occupying on our holy land ...

and the bloggers are :

2- Anosyat
3-Dreamy Villager
4-ياسمين وثلج أبيض
5- eNAS
6- maroo

note :
thanx whisper :)

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غير معرف يقول...

Ahmad...may Allah bless you

with his strength and Mercy

and all your dreams come true

ya Rab..coz u deserve it

Eid Moubarak for u

w thx for tagging(:

Ahmad M. Al-Mahrouq يقول...

tank u yasmin

same 2 u

Whisper يقول...

May all your wishes come true Ahmad

Happy Eid to you and to ur family :)

Ahmad M. Al-Mahrouq يقول...

شكرا ويسبر ... تسلمي

لبنــــــــــى يقول...

كل عام وانت بخير
متاخرة بعرف :)
بتمنى انك تحقق كل امنياتك خاصة التخصص لانو بتبني عليها كتير اشيا بحياتك


Unknown يقول...

as you a friend of whisper's blog
you have been tagged

anas يقول...

اهلا بايام التاجات والله ..بتذكر اخر تاج انعزمت عليه الصيفيه القبل الماضيه p:
وشكرا على التاج وبكرا ان شاء الله راح اسويه بس طبعا بالعربي :)

لبنــــــــــى يقول...

May all your wishes come true
:)coz u deserve it

غير معرف يقول...

Hi, kol 3am w entaa be kheer,
thanks for tagging me :)

I just did it :D